Should I make my kids do chores? | Podcast episode 256

I feel your pain about getting kids to do chores.

They whine, and complain, and with enough of that, we begin to ask ourselves “is this really necessary? I could have already had this done myself, and saved us all this trouble.”

But if kids don’t do chores, what happens? Are they any more or less likely to have a successful, fulfilled, happy life?

Today we dive into this topic. We explore the right chore mindset, and three practical steps you can take, regarding chores and your child.

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Chore Cheat Sheet

So, should we make our kids do chores? Unquestionably, yes.

Overcoming the whining and the tantrums about having to do chores is SO worth it. Without chores, kids lose out on opportunities to:

  • “Know firsthand what struggling looks like, and… Take on tasks independently.” – Julie Lythcott-Haims
  • Figure out how to take care of themselves, and their loved ones
  • Understand how important their contributions are to the family system in which they live

That’s a lot of important stuff for our kids to take in! Here are the practical ideas for making it happen:

1) Start with the words “it’s time to…”
Use your best “parent” voice here, which I do spend some time discussing in this episode (and you can read more about this parenting voice in my book, 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know.)

2) If you get whining, or complaining, make sure your child knows why they need to do the chore:
“In our family, we help each other.”

3) Be consistent in your upholding of your child’s responsibilities.
When we are inconsistent, it’s confusing for kids, and it makes for more stress about chores, rather than less.

How do you do these?

Let me know! I’d love to hear what questions you have around implementing these, and also if you’ve hit upon a method which works in your family!
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