Three ways to deal with the gimmes | Podcast episode 257

Let’s just say it: at this time of year, we don’t always get the best behavior from our kids.
They’re overstimulated. They’re out of routine. In many end-of-year traditions they are being showered with gifts.

This can make them forget that life is about so much more than receiving presents from everybody who walks through the door (or whose door they walk through.)

So, today I wanted to help you deal with the gimmes!

Listen for three ways to gently help your child step away from the gifts.

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Temper Tantrums and Potty Training:

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Handle the Gimmes Cheat Sheet

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1) Make a big day be about more than just one day.
It can be so hard for kids to wait. When we get all excited about this “day,” far off in the future, we can be setting our kids up for bad behavior. Instead of just talking about that far off day, in this episode I share some things you can do today, to get ready for that day (if that makes any sense : )

2) Help them give gifts.
It truly IS better to give than to receive. The sooner we can teach our children this lesson, the better. Plus this is one of the best ways to defeat the gimmes!

3) Create a volunteer tradition.
It can be hard to figure out ways to bring little kids into volunteering, what with liability and other grown-up terms. In today’s episode I share about several ways that we can help our kids be volunteers.

How do you do these?

Let me know! I’d love to hear what questions you have about handling the gimmes, and also what you have found that works in your family!
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