Why is clarity so important for parents? Podcast Episode 259

This episode starts off as a review of my 2018 goals, and how I did with them.
But then it takes a dramatic turn: I actually had to record the second half of the show more than once. Why? Because when I recorded the first time, I didn’t have clarity.

So I renamed the episode, and re-recorded the second half, and now I hope it is much more helpful than the first version would’ve been!

Go to weturnedoutokay.com/259 for:

  • A breakdown of the goals I had for 2018, and how I did with them
  • A look ahead at 2019, and why being clear on what you want is important – not just for you, but for your kiddos as well
  • The scoop on my latest book, just out! One reviewer says “If you’re ready for communication and mutual respect to replace chaos and misbehavior, do yourself a favor and read 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know.
  • The video of the week: “Make 2019 a great year… with just one word”

And thank you so much for listening!

Temper Tantrums and Potty Training:

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You can watch the video, read the checklist, and immediately handle the temper tantrums or get started with potty training (depending on which guide you choose : )

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Video of the Week:


And the 2019 Word of the Year is…

Choosing a Word of the Year is a beloved annual event at We Turned Out Okay!
In 2018, my word was PRACTICE. This word helped me remember that everything is practice, and nothing is perfect. Took lots of pressure off, both in family time and with the show!
It was a very helpful word, and in a way I’m sad to see it go. Except that I know I will always have it in my heart.

This year, for 2019, I’m choosing the word THOUGHTFUL.
I want to carefully consider the choices I make, both in family life and in the We Turned Out Okay universe.


How I did in 2018 with my glass ball goals

1) Glass Ball 1: Health
In a nutshell, I did pretty well with this goal (of keeping myself healthy in the face of chronic illness, family stresses, and getting into a flash flood).
I was able to recognize when I needed to double down on things like good nutrition and enough sleep. I got lots of help from Ben in the boys, from my therapist, and from doctors and the medical professionals that I rely on, and I am extra happy because I recognized when I needed these people’s help.

2) Glass Ball 2: Family
This is one of my favorite glass balls : ) I got to spend time with people who matter most to me, in ways that were both fun and productive! Definitely a good year.

3) Glass Ball 3: World-changing
“To change the world with kindness and teamwork and trust”… I set this as an intent, and kinda forgot about it until listening to last year’s January We Turned Out Okay goals episode. But something really cool happened anyway, which is that I did work toward this goal. Without really thinking about it day-to-day, changing the world with kindness and teamwork and trust became a meta-goal, something I worked towards subconsciously.

So, how did I do?

One parent I work with in my private coaching community felt completely invalidated by her own mother; working together, we helped her feel validated within herself.

Another parent I work with in the community despaired of the insane amount of times her two-year-old son hit, and spit, at her. We worked together to help her eliminate this behavior.

I worked closely with a couple who just wanted their very young children “to listen to us, to respect us;” we worked together to inject communication, trust, and kindness into their family life.

For these parents, their worlds weren’t just changed. These parents were opened up into a whole new world!
Because we worked together, because they trusted me to help with their toughest parenting problems.

I am profoundly grateful to have the kind of knowledge that opens somebody up to a kinder, cooperative, and trust-filled world.

How can I help you get the family life you want and deserve? Let me know!
Click here to go to my contact page.

Wishing you a very happy new year, filled with kindness, teamwork, and trust.


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My latest book, 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know, is officially out!!
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My latest book, 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know, is officially out!!
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