A glimpse into your child’s future with guest Blake Boles of Unschool Adventures | Podcast Episode 264

I know it’s difficult to imagine your child as a teen or young adult. 

But it will happen, and sooner than you think. If you just can’t imagine it – if it even makes you a little frightened to think of – today’s guest will inspire hope and excitement in you (he did for me : )

Today I’m excited to share a conversation with a guy who works with teenagers to help them achieve their goals, Blake Boles of the Off Trail Learning Podcast, UnschoolAdventures.com, and author of three excellent books for helping teens figure out what they really want out of life.

Hope you enjoy this glimpse into the future! Go to weturnedoutokay.com/264 for:

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  • The video of the week: “From Toddler to Teen: What to Expect”

And thank you so much for listening!

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Video of the Week:

Key Links from today’s episode

I recorded this conversation originally for the podcast I do in conjunction with the school my sons to go to; click here or go to morethanjustaschool.com to check out the podcast and the Bay State Learning Center website.

 Click here for Off-Trail Learning, Blake’s podcast.

Visit Blake’s website, where you can find his books, check out his upcoming excursions, and sign up for his newsletter, which causes me to exclaim with joy every time it drops into my inbox, by clicking here

Click here for John Taylor Gatto’s website. 

Click here for Grace Llewellyn’s transformative book, The Teenage Liberation Handbook.

 Click here to watch Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture, on how to achieve your dreams.

Click here for iGen, the book Blake shares about during our conversation.

 Click here for the Lumen Learning article I quote from during the video, about Erik Erickson’s eight stages of development.


More About Blake

In this episode, we talk with educator Blake Boles on what makes an adolescent tick.

What’s going on in a teenager’s mind, and how can we connect with our kids?

Blake is someone who should know. After studying teenage unschoolers – kids who chose their own path in their educations – in college, he’s worked with them in unique and interesting capacities.

Blake’s been a camp counselor; he travels with young adults to other countries; he’s authored books on getting into college without going to high school, “doing” college without going to college, and becoming a self-directed learner.

And today’s conversation will help you connect with your adolescent child. (I know this, because it helped me : ) 

Hope you enjoy this conversation!  


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