Your questions – about dealing with intolerance, surviving crummy daycare, shoe-throwing, and more – answered with veteran preschool teacher Tricia Tomaso | Episode 267

Wondering what to do when:
– Your child fills the pull up or leaks through, every single night, despite being potty trained during the day?
– You are stuck – at least for a little while – with subpar childcare?
– Your child is being picked on due to intolerance?

We answer these questions and more, in today’s episode!
I’m so excited to bring you another round of Ask the Experts with Tricia Tomaso!

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Cheat sheet on our answers to today’s questions

Q1: “What coping skills can I teach my child to handle the religious intolerance she is dealing with at school?” – Jen
Tricia and I agree, confronting intolerance is something a child needs help with. We recommend helping her:
1) Use I-messages to explain “it hurts my feelings when you talk like that”
2) Say “I won’t play with you when you talk like that. I will play with someone who is kind!”

Q2: “How can our wonderful, active, and typical (not special needs) 3-year-old survive the next several months in our current subpar childcare situation?
Meta-level: Recognize that the problem is not with your child. It is with the teachers.
1) Do not engage in any “here are all the infractions your child committed today in our care” conversations
2) Meet with the teachers and ask them “how can his last X weeks here be positive?”

Q3: “What should we look for when searching for good childcare?
1) Teachers who understand kids as active, impulsive, whole children who need the freedom to move around and make their own choices very frequently during the day.
2) A flexible, vibrant routine that includes lots of outdoor time, even in inclement weather
3) A willingness to think of parents as teammates

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Q4: “My child is filling his pull up every night, sometimes even leaking through, despite being (nearly) completely potty trained during the day. What can I do?”
Sometimes kids struggle with feeling that they had to go to the bathroom, if they’re in a deep sleep. It’s possible he is outgrowing the pull up as well. We recommend moving to a bigger nighttime diaper, to contain the leaks until he can control his bladder better while asleep.

Q5: “How can we help our son (who has Down Syndrome) cope with big changes in our schedule?”
We recommend creating a visual schedule, interactive if possible, and creating social stories so that he can be prepared for these changes ahead of time, and come back to these comforting visuals during the changes.

Q6: “What should I do when my child, who is not in fact sick, says “I’m sick” when I make some perfectly reasonable demand of him?”
We recommend (after determining that he is truly not sick) acknowledging “I’m sorry you are not feeling well.. Now, it’s time for X.” In other words, move past “not feeling well” as quickly as possible.

Q7: “How can I stop my child from taking off his shoes and throwing them on the bus? I am not there when this is happening.”
We recommend offering some kind of reward for keeping shoes on. We recommend going as far as giving him a card to hold in his hand, so that he can remind himself “if I keep my shoes on I get to… at home”

Please keep in mind: this is just a cheat sheet. Scroll to the bottom of this post and click the triangular “play” button to listen to the entire episode. That way you’ll have a good understanding of each of these questions and answers.

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