3 Ways your mindset works either for – or against – your kids’ success | Podcast Episode 271

What’s your go-to approach for getting work done?

Do you view something difficult as an exciting challenge, or a way to prove to yourself and others – once again – how crummy you are at difficult stuff?

Today, we look at how our own mindset impacts our children’s eventual success.

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Cheat sheet on how to get your best mindset (the one that will benefit your child most)

Your mission: Value effort over avoiding failure.
This means that, for your own self and for your kids, as Ms. Frizzle says, “take chances! Make mistakes!”

You can do this in two ways:

1) Adopt a growth mindset yourself.
“Growth” versus “fixed” mindset means looking at a challenge not as a way to illustrate your failure (if you fail at it). Instead, a growth mindset encourages us to look at a challenge as exciting, an opportunity to learn something new.
Keep in mind, it’s very simple to understand growth versus fixed mindset and why the growth mindset is the good one. It’s much harder to implement. So please be gentle with yourself if you struggle with this.

2) Ask open-ended questions.
We can ask questions like “what color is that,” or “what comes after three,” all day long, and not know anything about how our kids’ learning is truly developing.
The only way to do that is to ask your child open-ended questions, in a nonthreatening, simply curious, manner. And then listen to their response.

Luckily, these two factors (in my experience) make family life downright fun!


Key Links

For one of the best discussions of growth versus fixed mindset I’ve ever participated in, click here for episode 134, my conversation with NYT best-selling author Jessica Lahey. She wrote The Gift of Failure, and has been a huge influence on not just my thinking, but what I teach parents every day. (And click here for the podcast she does with WTOO friend-of-the-podcast Katie Dell’Antonia, #AmWriting)

Click here for a trailer from one of my favorite movies, The Breakfast Club.

Click here for The Drunkard’s Walk, the book for which I adopted a growth mindset.

Click here for the graphic novel biography of Richard Feynman, which comes up in today’s episode.


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