4 ways to help your child make friends | Podcast Episode 275

One of the most concerning things for us parents is that our kids will not have any friends.
Maybe because we all remember that feeling of being lonely, or singled out.

We can feel kind of helpless at the same time. You may be feeling like either the process is so intuitive that you can’t teach it, or you may even be thinking “I don’t have that many friends, who am I to be trying to teach my child how to make friends?”

In this episode I deconstruct this process.
I offer 4 ways to help your child make friends.

ALSO in Parenting News: a member of the We Turned Out Okay Facebook group makes the New York Times! For something really special!

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Cheat sheet on 4 ways to help your child make friends

1) Give them social opportunities.
The first step is to get your child out into the world and give them access to other kids and families.

2) Model how to be a friend.
The things we never think about – turn-taking in conversation, offering friends a shoulder to cry on, and other social behaviors – are things our kids may have absolutely no idea exist in the world. They learn so much by imitation. Let them see you being a good friend.

3) Help them understand and verbalize their own feelings.
Before we can understand somebody else’s feelings, we must have a good handle on our own. We talk about how to accomplish this in this episode.

4) Help them resolve conflicts.
In life, there will be conflict. Help your kiddos understand that, and teach them to resolve these conflicts, and you are teaching them one of the most valuable friend-making behaviors that there is.


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Also during the break I share about “One Word,” the blog post I wrote last week discussing the use of a safeword, to prevent you arguing with your parenting partner in front of the kiddos (or at all).
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