Where and when does a child’s education begin? | Podcast Episode 277

Do you tend to think along the lines of “I don’t need to worry about teaching… that will be taken care of when my child starts school”?

I want to push back on that idea today. Because the opposite side of this coin is “I am not a teacher and what I do here at home does not matter.”

What we do at home really and truly matters.

And today, we’re talking about 3 ways you can take advantage of this.

In this week’s Parent News segment: We consider the Parent Police… anyone who disparages our personal and family choices.

Join us!

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Cheat sheet on the 3 ways you can utilize the idea that “learning begins in the home”

1) Act naturally.
Be yourself; be in the moment; be screen-free.

2) Recognize your child as a thinking being.
Sometimes it may not seem like it, but it’s true: kids are thinking creatures.

3) Think of your child as “a visitor from another planet.”
They really don’t know anything about how this world works, and that’s not their fault. Take advantage of this by teaching them about the many good and wonderful creatures, concepts, and ideas in our world.


Key Links

In Parenting News we talk about Robin Abrahams, a.k.a. Miss Conduct, and this recent column she wrote about a woman whose choice to have just one child is disparaged. Robin talks about how to deal with that, and gives great advice on this point.
Robin’s a returning champion on our show! Listen to our conversations by clicking here for episode 42, and here for episode 73.

Click here for David Albert’s book of essays, including his essay about how children are really aliens from another planet. The book is called Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery.

Click here for my first book, Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics, which comes up in this episode.

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