“I’m the pickiest eater you ever met”: Speaking with coach Jacky Lamenzo | Podcast Episode 279

Today’s guest, Jacky Lamenzo, ate “only off the kids menu” well into her adulthood.

Then, she had the opportunity to go to China for a year, and knew something was going to have to change.

Could she make the change? You bet.

In our conversation Jacky shares what she did to stop being a picky eater, and also about her delightful children’s book that helps parents and kids with picky eating now.

And here’s the cool thing: before we even get to the picky eating, we talk about so much other interesting stuff, everything from what Jacky did when she felt that her work wasn’t being valued, to bonding over studying in Florence, Italy!

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Plus in Parenting News: Is STEM bad for our democracy? I ask for your help in coming up with a new acronym, one that goes beyond both STEM and STEAM.

Join us!

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And thank you so much for listening!

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Cheat sheet on the 3 ways moving to China helped solve Jacky’s picky eater problem

1) “For the first time in my life, nobody knew me as a picky eater.”
How this can help in your family life: Don’t identify your child as a “picky eater.” Don’t make a big deal about food, but instead emphasize mealtime as an enjoyable time.

2) “Here is a big Lazy Susan, take what you want.”
How this can help in your family life: offer choices at meals by placing several dishes on the table. Anybody can have however much of whichever dishes they would like, so there’s no pressure on your picky eater.

3) “Chopsticks!”
How this can help in your family life: periodically, changing up things like how food gets consumed can make mealtimes super fun!

Key Links

Click here for Jacky’s wonderful book, Addy Wants to Fit In, on its Amazon page.

Click here for Jacky’s website, JackyLamenzo.com.

Click here for episode 276 of We Turned Out Okay, my conversation with Meagan Wilson, which comes up during today’s chat with Jacky.

It turns out that Jacky and I went to the same school during our study abroad in Florence, Italy! Click here to check out the Scuola Lorenzo de Medici!


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