Where is my child, developmentally? | Podcast Episode 280

Welcome to another installment of Educating Little Kids! (When it’s a book, it will have a better title, promise.)
We dive into development today, and if you’re wondering “why should I care about child development,” I hope this episode makes that clear.

Really and truly, it’s a good thing to know.

Today we dive into the stages of development – stages all of us humans are going through – to give you a sense of where your child is developmentally.

Plus in Parenting News: How our own biases can stop us from seeing what is actually right in front of us.

Join us!

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  • The video of the week: “Why should I care about child development?”

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Cheat sheet on the early stages of human development

1) Basic trust versus mistrust
In this first stage, a newborn baby learns whether the people around her are trustworthy. It’s a pretty important stage.

2) Autonomy versus shame and doubt
Toddlers learn, in this second stage of development, that they can act on the world… They also learned whether their actions are encouraged, or put down. Guess which way we hope you’ll go with your toddler?

3) Initiative versus guilt
Similar to the second stage, preschoolers are coming to a better understanding of the consequences of their own actions. Will they be supported in their actions, or made to feel guilty? In large part, that is up to us parents.


Key Links

Click here for the show notes to the very first episode in our deep dive into educating little kids, episode 277.

During the break I share that, while I am finishing the revision of the second book in the Your Child Explained series, I am doing a live instagram story each day till it’s done! (Hopefully June 1 : )
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Click here for the Education Week article that started me thinking about our own biases, and how we can get past them;

Click here for Amy Herman’s amazing book Visual Intelligence, which also comes up in the Parenting News segment today.

I use Erik Erickson’s 8 Stages of Psychosocial Development to bring you information about your child’s development, because Erickson’s work forms the backbone of our understanding of human development.
Click here for a Lumen Learning article describing these stages (I love this site and what they share about Erickson’s stages. It’s succinct and easy to understand : )

During today’s episode I reference my most recent book, 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know, and the books I’m working on now in the same series.
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