Human development for grown-ups | Podcast Episode 283

Here’s something that you may not have thought of: developmental stages aren’t just for kids.
Each of us grown-ups is still working on stuff developmentally.

Today we talk about the adult stages of development – a concept that really matters!

It matters in relation to our young children.
But most of all it matters to us, inside ourselves.

Plus in Parenting News: Friend-of-the-podcast Devorah Heitner, who always makes me feel better about life in our digital age, recently wrote a beautiful essay for the Washington Post. It’s about how, had her mom been alive today, the learning disabilities she lived with may not have been a problem.

Join us!

Go to for:

  • A cheat sheet on the later (i.e., adult) stages of human development
  • Key links we talk about in this episode 
  • The video of the week: “What really matters in a grown up’s development?”

And thank you so much for listening!

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Cheat sheet on the later stages of human development

(These are psychologist and social scientist Erik Erickson’s stages, still the gold standard decades after he developed them. See the Key Links section for information on the earlier stages of development.)

1) Intimacy versus Isolation (from the 20s into the 40s)
In this stage we are working to develop strong and deeply intimate relationships. We’re working to avoid the feeling of isolation, and to foster connections with our children, our life partners, and our friends and family.

2) Generativity versus Stagnation (from the 40s into the 60s)
Adults in this stage of development are looking for ways to contribute positively. We want to create and grow, want that our lives are more about building something, than about stagnating.

3) Integrity versus Despair (from the 60s into old age)
Adults in this stage of development are looking back over their lives, and evaluating how they have lived. Hopefully, when we all reach this stage, we can look back happily and live with a strong feeling of our own integrity.

Key Links

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