Raising boys who are empowered, and not jerks: A Conversation with Dr. Michael Reichert | Podcast Episode 285

Raising two boys – pictured here at 5 and 1 years old – this conversation meant so much to me personally.

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When I first saw How to Raise a Boy,

the book today’s guest, Michael Reichert, PhD, wrote, I knew I was in for a treat. Dr. Reichert ‘s writing is a skillful blend of personal stories and relevant, amazing research, and before I knew it I was highlighting, marking pages with Post-it notes, and pumped to speak with Dr. Reichert!

And, our conversation does not disappoint.
If you’ve got questions about:
 – Your son turning into a “mama’s boy”
 – How to (in the words of one of our WTOO Facebook group members) “empower boys to be their best selves without being jerks”
 – Or even if you have questions about why – if you’re raising girls and not boys – you should care;
You’ll find this conversation relevant and compelling.

I’m so thankful to Dr. Reichert for coming on the show today, and I hope you enjoy our conversation, and learn from it, as much as I did.

Plus in Parenting News: I’ve just learned of an amazing new resource for parents, the Revive Show, a live Internet radio show, and you need to hear about it too. I learned of it when I was invited on as a guest, and I think you will love the show!

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Cheat sheet on the highlights from my conversation with Dr. Michael Reichert

How do we empower boys to be their best selves, but stop them from being jerks?
Dr. Reichert says, above all, stay connected to your child. Don’t shut him out: “The surest way to help him hold onto himself is to hold onto him yourself.”

How do we keep our boys from turning into mama’s boys?
Just as above, Dr. Reichert recommends staying connected above all. He writes “The idea that mothers should back away from their own relationships out of fear that they might spoil their sons’ masculinity – turn them into mama’s boys – violates everything developmental scientists understand about the child’s need for secure, dependable attachment. Boys, just like girls, have basic human needs that are ignored only at peril.”

Why should parents of girls care about our conversation today?
Dr. Reichert says “gender is essentially a relationship.” The beliefs we have about what it means to be a boy or girl become what we live, and what we pass on to our children. Those relationships – how girls treat boys, and how they are treated by boys – matter.


Key Links

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