What does – and doesn’t – matter in a child’s learning | Podcast Episode 286

What are the factors that matter – like, REALLY matter, over the long haul – versus those that don’t, in your child’s education?

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I’m sure you’ll agree that getting a kid’s education right is critical.

It’s not just critical while they’re small. Screwing up a kid’s education can impact their whole lives.

And yet, it happens every day, when even well-intentioned and goodhearted people focus on the wrong stuff.

Because you listen to this show, I know that you are well-intentioned and goodhearted. So I’m helping you focus on the right stuff today.

Find out what really matters in your child’s education in this episode of We Turned Out Okay!

Plus in Parenting News: In this recent Education Week article, the idea of “growth mindset versus fixed mindset” is re-examined… We investigate in this week’s Parenting News segment.

Join us!

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  • A cheat sheet on what’s crucial to include in your child’s education
  • What does not matter.. what you can (and should) leave out of your young child’s education
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And thank you so much for listening!

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Cheat sheet on what matters, and what doesn’t, in your young child’s education

What doesn’t matter:
1) Rote learning.
Try to avoid “quizzing” your child on things like colors and numbers.

2) Seatwork.
Kids are meant to move around!

3) How long they can sit still.
Some kids can sit still for a way longer time than others. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter:

1) Their engagement.
Kids learn and retain their learning far better when they are engaged in what they’re learning about.

2) Their interests.
See above : )

3) Their questions.
Really pay attention to these, because they’ll help you spur on your child’s learning.

4) Strengthening social skills.
See episode 284 of this show for more on how to strengthen social skills.

5) Communication and connection.
In WTOO episode 285, Dr. Michael Reichert, author of How to Raise a Boy, states “it’s not WHAT they’ll learn. It’s for WHOM they’ll learn.” Be the person for whom your child will learn.

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Click here for the movie Parenthood.

No Child Left Behind, the law that, for better or for worse, put national education on its current path, was signed into law in 2002.
Click here for the Education Week article describing NCLB in greater detail.

Click here for Crisis in the Kindergarten, a paper that blew my mind. In fact, each time I look at it a fresh blows my mind again.

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Click here for episode 284, my conversation with Amy Anderson, all about how to know if your child is giving consent, or not, when they’re very young.

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