Your (supremely important) role in your child’s (formal) education | Podcast Episode 289

In this week’s episode of We Turned Out Okay, we examine a parent’s role in a child’s education!

Lots of parents have no idea how to help their kiddos in learning how to read, write, do math, or code.
But these are the essential skills of the future.

How do we help our kids, when they’re young, get ready for all that learning?

Find out by listening to this episode of We Turned Out Okay!

Plus in Parenting News:  A really fascinating episode of Experiential Wisdom, all about lifelong learning and why it matters now, more than ever.

Join us!

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Go to for lots of key links mentioned in today’s episode, for free guides (on potty training, picky eating, and how to handle every temper tantrum), and lots more resources!

And thank you so much for listening!

Key Links

Click here for John Taylor Gatto’s book, Dumbing Us Down.

Click here for “Crisis in the Kindergarten,” a paper that helped me understand how truly problematic it is when kids don’t get free-play time.

Click here for episode 264, my conversation with young adult educator Blake Boles.

Click here for Blake’s website, which includes links to the books he’s written; they helped me understand how I can help my children in their educations.

Click here for episode 48, my conversation with Daniel Wolff, author of How Lincoln Learned to Read, another hugely influential book in my thinking about my kids’ education.

Click here for episode 161, my conversation with Nicole Gardner, a researcher who works closely with Ellen Galinsky, author of Mind in the Making.

Click here for episode 277, an earlier one in our “Educating Your Kiddos” series.


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Temper Tantrums, Potty Training, and Picky Eaters:

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