“Who we are as children never goes away;” speaking with Anna Seewald of Authentic Parenting | Podcast Episode 291

Today’s guest, Anna Seewald of the Authentic Parenting Podcast, experienced a truly traumatic event in her childhood, an earthquake in which she lost her mother.
In part because of this experience, she went on to become a therapist, a woman who has dedicated her life to helping others through their toughest moments.
“My true passion is to help children to thrive,” she writes.
Today we discuss many ways to help your child to do exactly that.
I know you will get a lot out of this conversation. Many thanks to Anna Seewald for coming on We Turned Out Okay!

Plus in Parenting News: Back in July I got to be a guest on Anna’s show! Extending on this theme about how childhood experiences shape us, I share that I was sexually assaulted at age 7.
This experience fundamentally changed my personality, and has had repercussions through all of my life. But here’s the thing, while I would of course never wish something like this on anyone, not all the repercussions have been bad.
Click authenticparenting.com/185 to listen to our conversation.
Though certainly tough in parts, overall it’s a hopeful, and I really hope helpful (hence the sharing as Parenting News) conversation.

Join us!

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Key Links

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