How do young children learn? | Podcast Episode 292

“Learning” can mean different things to different people:
– Getting good grades
– Passing a test
– Reading, writing, coding, mathematics, etc.

But how do we get to the point where we know, and can demonstrate, our knowledge?
It all starts in early childhood.
Today we dive into how young children learn best.

Plus in Parenting News: As parents, we can’t be all serious and big-business. Without some downtime, we can’t keep going, in child-rearing, in outside-of-the-home jobs, or within ourselves.
I have been going through some pretty major burnout, and today in Parenting News, I share about a resource that has been making me feel way better: The Adventure Zone, in both podcast and graphic novel form. If this completely awesome, totally-not-for-kids sci-fi-fantasy thing is not for you, that is absolutely fine! But take this moment to find something that does get you the downtime enjoyment that you need.

Join us!

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Today’s episode is sponsored by the amazing Janine Halloran, expert in teaching kids coping skills, and an incredible resource she has created to help your child handle even the biggest feelings!
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Cheat sheet on the 3 ways children learn best

1) Through imitation.
Whether we know it or not, our kids are imitating us. So, what we do really matters! They learn best through imitating what we model.

2) Through curiosity.
Curiosity comes naturally to human beings. Fortunately, it is a massive force for learning!

3) Through experimentation.
The key: keep your child’s experimentation within safe parameters. This can be quite a juggling act, because we don’t want to stifle curiosity or the experiments that result from it. But we must also keep kids safe.


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