4 Ways to start the school year off right | Podcast Episode 293

Whether public school, charter school, private school, or homeschool, this time of year brings massive changes to lots of families’ lives.
It’s exciting, but it can also be stressful.
Today I want to help you stay more on the positive side of the exciting/stressful balance!

How are you feeling about the start of the new school year?
Today we discuss 4 ways to start the year off right.

Important Program Notes:
– In this episode you’ll hear me talk about a Streamline Your Mornings workshop, that was to take place in the We Turned Out Okay Facebook group… Instead of that I have created an in-depth, 4-part series, each exploring one way to start the year off right!
Included in the fourth part, called “A free tool you can use to streamline your family’s weekly schedule,” you’ll find the updated We Turned Out Okay Weekly Planner. (You’ll hear me talk about the Facebook group at the end of this episode, as the place where you can find that tool. Instead, to make your life super easy, click here so you can read the newsletter, and download that free PDF.)

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– There’s a moment in this episode where I credit author and researcher Gretchen Rubin with something author and researcher Laura Vanderkam did (I rectify this in the break, but did want to tell you about it here as well). Sorry for the confusion!
Click here for Gretchen Rubin’s amazing book The Four Tendencies; and click here for Lara Vanderkam’s website.

Plus in Parenting News: A podcast by one of We Turned Out Okay‘s beloved guests! I share about the Calm and Connected podcast by coping skills expert and LMHC Janine Halloran, and talk about how it will help you get this school year off to a great start.

Join us!

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Today’s episode is sponsored by the amazing Janine Halloran, expert in teaching kids coping skills, and an incredible resource she has created to help your child handle even the biggest feelings!
Click copingskillsforkids.com/coping-cue-cards to check out Janine’s Coping Skills for Kids Cue Card Decks.

Cheat sheet on the 4 ways to start the school year off right

1) Think about everything that is good in your life.
When the going gets tough we do still have a choice, and that choice is whether to focus on the stressful and hard stuff, or to choose to focus on the positive. Something positive, no matter how small. Because at least, while you’re focusing on a hug from your child, a beautiful sunset, or a great cup of coffee, the tough stuff recedes, at least for the moment. Which makes it easier for us to handle the stresses.

2) Schedule your priorities.
Everything gets thrown into upheaval at this time of year. So: what’s your priority? If you can plan for it, there’s a much better chance it will happen, whether it’s more sleep or rest for you, or a child who is prepared as well as possible for the coming school year.

3) Give yourself extra time in the mornings.
It may mean waking up early, but it may also mean preparing more things the evening before. Do whatever you can to lessen the stress mornings. If this is really problematic, come take the free workshop I’m offering next week, September 2-6, in the We Turned Out Okay Facebook group.

4) Make a weekly schedule… Or use mine!
I share a GREAT printable as part of the in-depth 4-part series I just wrapped up on how to start your school year off right.
Click here for access to the updated We Turned Out Okay Weekly Planner, and also to read the fourth in the series (and for links to the previous three parts).


Key Links

Click here for episode 134, my conversation with NYT best-selling author Jessica Lahey, who wrote one of my favorite books on raising children, The Gift of Failure.

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