10 Ways to alleviate anxiety | Podcast Episode 295

If the anxiety is hyped up in your home right now, for kids and/or for you, hopefully you’ll find this episode helpful!

It even includes a discussion, during the break, about how to deal with our own parental anxieties. I read listener Cathy’s letter, sharing about her own anxiety, which starts off the thinking about what we can do to feel less anxious ourselves.

Plus in Parenting News:
I completely screw up a quote from Dr. Elven Semrad in the second half of this episode… Which led me on a search to find out more about this beloved psychotherapist. In Parenting News I bring you this short article, sharing some of his other quotes and thoughts on life.

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Cheat sheet of the 10 ways to alleviate anxiety

Lots of ways to help!
1) Calm your own anxiety.
Kids can totally take their anxiety from our own.

2) Don’t tell them everything.
It just brings up more things to worry about.

3) Accentuate the positive.

4) Take stuff off your plate (s).
DON’T overschedule.

5) Get kids, and ourselves, outside.

6) Teach kids to name feelings.

7) Teach them coping skills and behaviors.

8) Play the “What’s the worst that could happen” game.
This can be helpful, to see how unlikely our worst fears are.

9) Communicate to them “you are safe.”
Don’t let your anxieties interfere with your children’s thought processes.

10) Just be with them.
Invite their questions. Love them unconditionally.

11) Get help.
Whether through therapy, books, or a place like my private parent coaching community.


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