When your child embarrasses you in public | Podcast Episode 296

So, today’s Parenting News segment makes me cry, those mushy, parenty, happy/sad tears. You know the ones. That’s coming up in today’s break.

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If it hasn’t happened already,

there will likely come a day when your child says or does something super cringe-worthy.
How will you handle it?
Listen in to today’s episode, to learn how to handle it best!

Plus in Parenting News:
Recently The Wall that Heals, a moving model of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC, came to my area. And while it may seem like a peculiar thing to feature in the Parenting News segment, I believe it’s relevant. I share why in today’s break.

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Cheat sheet on what to do when your child embarrasses you in public

1. Take a deep breath and assess the situation.
Is it a vague annoyance, something that is not acute, as (during the break) when we talked about Mama Llama, not being sure that her son was being annoying?
Likely, in that case your worries far outweigh anyone else’s actual annoyance.
If it’s acute, if your child has said or done something pointedly awful, take that deep breath – and use it to center yourself.

2. Address the victim’s needs first.
Apologize to the person/people who were hurt by your child’s words… WITHOUT throwing your child under the bus.
Everybody makes mistakes. Others either will understand that… or they won’t. Which is also fine! We don’t need their understanding, we just need to know that we did everything we could to make the situation right.

3. Help your child understand, as gently as possible, their error.
Be open to questions, and above all communicate this:
“everybody makes mistakes. This is not the end of the world. Let’s learn from it.”


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