How to Not Let School Screw Up Your Child, Part 2 | Podcast Episode 301

There are lots of reasons why we want our kids to become independent, in their actions and their thinking. (If for no other reason than, when our kids are independent, we do less for them. This means we are happier, and also it helps help our children understand the joys of being part of a system in which we all work together.)

Today’s episode is about how, if we’re not careful, we might be teaching in the opposite.

Today we discuss the possibility that simply attending school could make our children dependent on others for their intellectual and emotional well-being – and how truly dangerous that is.

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How to best foster your child’s intellectual and emotional development

1. Help them depend on themselves.
To foster good emotional development, don’t intervene in their personal decisions. Giving kids choice, even about small things, really matters.
Intellectually, praising finished products less, and asking more process kind of questions, will help them confidently assess their own work, and rise to the challenge of fixing it when it’s not up to their standards.

2. Help them make their own decisions as much as you possibly can.
We can help best by giving kids choices, letting them choose what feels right for them, as often as possible without compromising their safety (or our own sanity).

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The quote – and its correct author – that I cite in this episode about success and believing that it’s possible to succeed, is as follows:

“Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.” – Coco Chanel

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Marc Maron spoke with Julia Louis Dreyfus on his awesome show, WTF.

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