“What we resist persists”: Talking with Mindful Mama, Hunter Clarke-Fields | Podcast Episode 303

We talk with the Mindful Mama Mentor, Hunter Clarke-Fields, in this episode of We Turned Out Okay!
Hunter is a parent coach who found real solutions to her own anger and frustration with meditation and mindfulness.
She is a force for good, and I am so excited to bring her on the show!

The title of this episode was very nearly “Mindfulness: A Cool Parental Brain Hack,” which is how today’s guest characterizes this state of mind in the latter part of our conversation.
I love this idea, that mindfulness can help us wrap our brain better around child-rearing and everything that comes with it.

I hope you get tons out of this conversation with Hunter Clarke-Fields, of the Mindful Mama Podcast. I know I did!

Plus in Parenting News:

I plan to be at an event that might interest you, if you can be at the Newton Community Farm in Newton Massachusetts on Saturday, November 9: A movie screening, and author signing!
Ken Danford, author of Learning is Natural, School is Optional, a book I am currently reading and loving, will be on hand to sign copies! And us attendees also get to see a movie about self-directed learning and how cool it is.
Hope to see you there! (Click here to sign up for the event : )

And we talk about social-emotional learning in schools, and how it’s positively impacting not just the kids, but their families, teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors.

Join us!

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