How to stop school from screwing up your young child, Part 3 | Podcast Episode 304

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“Fortunately the children have no words to define the panic and anger they feel at constant violations of natural order and sequence fobbed off on them as quality in education.” – Jon Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down

Everyone likes to know what is going on, we like to have some context in our lives.

So do our kids! In this installment of our “How to stop school from screwing up your child” series, we discuss what aspects of school can sew confusion in children, how detrimental that truly is, and what we can do about it.

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Plus in Parenting News:
This fantastic documentary about the life of Fred Rogers. As I share here, I couldn’t understand why it would be rated PG-13. And then I started watching it.
(Here is the newsletter I wrote about this documentary: How I frightened my three-year-old.)

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How to stop the confusion

1. Help children understand context.
I believe that human beings are working to make meaning, from the moment we arrive in this world. A huge part of that is context.
You’ll have a better-behaved child if you can communicate the context of something that doesn’t make sense to them.
But most importantly that is also helping kids feel secure, and sure of themselves.

2. If something doesn’t make sense to your child, stop and help them figure it out.
This means:
– Answering their questions
– Letting learning and understanding happen at their pace
Connect with your child, bond with her, by creating a shared meaning between the two of you.

As part of this, I talk in today’s episode about Chief Inspector Gamache, a fictional hero of mine from the mind of brilliant author Louise Penny. Gamache shares 4 things his agents can say, to get to the heart of any situation:
I need help.
I don’t know.
I’m sorry.
I was wrong.
Today I ask you to incorporate those into your life with your young child.

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