Are academics good for young children? Podcast Episode 305

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As a preschool teacher I used to get asked all the time about when we would be teaching reading. Or writing.
I could see the stunned disbelief on parents’ faces when we’d tell them “we don’t teach formal academics, children learn everything they need through play.”
It’s patently awful, and damaging, to force kids into academic learning too soon.
And yet it’s done all the time.
In this episode we discuss why, and what to do about it.

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Nope, instructional, seated, teaching of academics isn’t good for young kids. So what is?

1. The correct teaching method.
A good teacher brings in “academic” subjects, and uses them in games and other play for children.

2. Open-ended, unscripted play.
Even more important than the teacher bringing in academics: children’s ability to play on their own, without screens, in an open-ended way. The BEST teachers are frequently facilitators, bringing out innate qualities in the children instead of “teaching.”

This is known.
This is not new. There’s been good research on how children learn best since at least the late 90s, when I earned my master’s degree.
I hope today’s episode helps you take heart, and work towards what is right in education for your own child, and our whole society.

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