The right age for soccer | Three-year-old tantrums!! | Night Terrors | Disrespect | A Q&A for Episode 306!

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In this episode find out:
– What’s the right age for starting soccer
– What to do with your three-year-old’s tantrums
– How to handle night terrors in your young child
– How to deal with disrespect
We’re bringing you some GREAT questions from the parents I work closely with in our private, online community! (If you’re not a member, but you would like to become one, click here.)
I hope it’s helpful as you head into this Thanksgiving week!
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Plus in Parenting News:
Since Max and Jay were very small, we have made Arlo Guthrie’s 18-minute, recorded-live song Alice’s Restaurant part of our Thanksgiving tradition. Today I explain why. (FYI – You may want to listen on your own before introducing this song to your children, as it does get into some themes you may not deem them ready for yet.)

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