How to stop school from screwing up your child, part 4 | Podcast Episode 307

Welcome to the fourth and final installment in our series about school, and how it can screw up your child, and how to make sure that that does not happen!
Today we discuss the dangers that come with someone feeling continually assessed, judged, and evaluated.
I work really hard to give you ideas to overcome this challenge.

Plus in Parenting News:
I share about this documentary that I first watched in college as a human development major. (Based on this documentary… Some of what’s in the other is also here, but there is more here that is not covered in the other. I recommend watching them both!)
Recently it came up again, and I’m excited because I get to share with you today!

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What’s the solution?

We can help a child not feel assessed, judged, or evaluated by:
Teaching them that they will be loved, no matter what.

Fred Rogers talks about how people need to feel loved and accepted, regardless of our accomplishments. He talks in a commencement speech about the parents who “smiled you into smiling, talked to you into talking, loved you into loving.”
It brought tears to my eyes (it still is doing that : )

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