316: Beliefs create reality. So, what do you believe?

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What we believe influences everything: our thoughts, our interactions, our relationships, and in the end our reality.
But it can be really hard to nail down what we actually believe.
In today’s episode I take you into my beliefs, show you how I figured out what they are, and most importantly help you clarify your own.
It’s a master class in getting the reality that you want most – both as a parent and as a person. I hope you find this episode helpful!

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Cheat sheet on Defining Your Beliefs

1. Make a date with yourself.
Even if it’s just 10 minutes. Carve out a tiny bit of time so that you can be reflective of what’s in your own mind.

2. Do a belief brain dump (a.k.a., listen to what is in your heart).
This is what you’ll do during those 10 minutes.

3. Don’t self-edit.
You, like me, will probably be sorely tempted to not write things down that seems stupid. For me, some of the things that seemed stupidest ended up being most important.

4. Go back and look at your written beliefs.
Over the next few days, really consider them.

5. Craft your ultimate belief statement.

6. Post that ultimate belief statement where you’ll see it frequently.
Not enough to get desensitized to it, but just enough so that you’ll be inspired by it.

Throughout February, in Instagram, I am posting my beliefs!
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