317: What kids need today with guests Dr. Rob Reiher and Wayne Yercha of the Live Above the Noise podcast

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“Schools are way, way behind the times when it comes to what kids need today,” one of today’s guests, educational psychologist Dr. Rob Reiher, shares during our conversation.
Rob and his podcast cohost, Wayne Yercha, teamed up because they saw a disparity not just in schools, but in children’s entertainment.



So they created two shows! Live Above the Noise is the “for parents” show about helping kids find, and listen to, their inner voice – and speaking personally, it’s a show that survived my 2019 digital reset because they give real insight into how we can best raise our little kids.

Their other show, Shieldstar Knights, debuts this week! It’s an action-adventure show for kids ages 8 to 12, and differs from most other kids’ entertainment by solving problems in other ways besides violence. (It’s definitely geared towards kids between eight and 12, it would be pretty scary for younger children! Maybe listen, before you introduce it to your kids, just to be sure : )
We dig into both, and lots more, in this episode of We Turned Out Okay.

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