325: Your most important asset in times of trouble

How, you might be wondering, are we actually really going to get through this time?

You’re not alone in wondering that. I have been wondering about it too.

I’ve also been feeling terribly guilty, any time that I forget we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and find myself enjoying something, or laughing at a joke, or feeling contented.

So today I want to bring you an episode that defines our most important asset, the single most important thing we need to get through this (or any) time of trouble.

I hope you find it helpful! (Click here for this post in your browser.)

Here are all the links I share about today:

1. Click here for the poem that brought me to tears, and also gave me permission to not feel guilty, but to embrace good feelings.

2. Click here for episode 188, my conversation with Mark McGuinness of the 21st century creative podcast.

3. Click here for the McElroy Family YouTube channel, where you’ll find the wonderful series Stories From Your Gaffer, read each evening at 5:30 PM Eastern by Clint McElroy, one of my favorite podcasters ever.

4. Click here for The Adventure Zone, where I first heard Clint McElroy – but please, not with kiddos around!

5. Click here for my conversation with Audrey Monke, broadcast last Friday (in real-time) at Audrey’s Sunshine Parenting Facebook page.

6. Click here for episode 273, my second We Turned Out Okay conversation with Audrey, about her wonderful book, Happy Campers.

7. Click here for my conversation as a guest on the wonderful #Am Writing Podcast; I share about my experience doing everything digital by voice, after losing the ability to use my hands to accomplish digital – and lots of analog – tasks.

8. If you are a Ninja Parenting Community member, click here for member Jen’s success story, about helping her daughter overcome fears about coronavirus and house fires. She did this in such a cool way (I read out the success story today in this episode).
Not a member? Click here to become one.

9. Click OkayCon.com for OkayCon 2020, the FREE Virtual Summit going on right now here at We Turned out Okay!

10. Click here to join the Facebook group – that way you can be part of the OkayCon 2020 watch parties every Monday and Wednesday evening at 8 PM Eastern!

11. I share HUGE news today, about the Happy-in-Place Challenge going on in The Ninja Parenting Community (it starts on April 16, my birthday : )
Right now you can join NPC for just $1 for your first month and each consecutive month thereafter at 50% off the standard monthly rate! You can cancel at any time, so there is no risk… Only the hope, support, and accountability that membership brings.
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