328: “What should I do with my stimulus check?” – Money Expert Raeshal Solomon joins me today!

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I am so excited to bring you this conversation, with returning champion, mom, and money expert Raeshal Solomon of mylittlebanker.com!
Raeshal knows so much about money and getting out of debt – firsthand; in our first WTOO conversation, in episode 215, she shares how she successfully got herself out of debt.

In our conversation (recorded for OkayCon 2020, the Free Virtual Summit taking place during April 2020; go to OkayCon.com to check out all the presentations!) Raeshal shares:
– 6 steps you can take to get your finances under control, during and after the pandemic
– How (and why) to “take the emotion out of money”
– What you actually should do with your stimulus check

This is a wonderful and extremely helpful conversation.
Join us!
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Here are Raeshal Solomon’s 6 steps for taking control of your money:

1. Take the emotion out of it.
Raeshal says: “Money is an emotional topic… Bounce out of the emotional part of it and get to the logic as quick as you can.”

2. Do personal research.
What do you owe, what are your debts? Will anyone give you a break for a month, or three months?

3. Cancel some stuff.
What can you live without right now, how can you scale back your spending?

4. Make adjustments to your budget.
Here is where the stimulus check can come in! How can you move money around, so that your spending some here, less there, saving a little here and expending a little there?

5. Cancel your autodrafts and control bill paying yourself.
Do this so you don’t get an overdraft in your bank. You can also ask your bank about overdraft protection, and Raeshal dives into the pros and cons of this step.

6. Help others if you can.
If you find that you’ve come out at the end of the month with a little extra, we talk about the best ways to have a significant impact, even with just a bit of money.

Key Links:

Find Raeshal Solomon’s podcast PodKashKids, her My Little Banker book series (finance for kiddos : ) and so much more at her website, mylittlebanker.com

Here is episode 8 of the PodKashKids podcast on money lessons that kids can learn during the coronavirus.

Raeshal is finding news and support by watching The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

I am finding by watching my town’s Emergency Meetings, each weekday, which they post in YouTube. So thankful for our local government and first responders here in Bellingham, Massachusetts <3

Speaking of Trevor Noah, he wrote a great book! It’s called Born a Crime, and you should read it. Especially right now.