329.5: What is working right now in getting you through this pandemic

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Working closely with parents of young children during this pandemic, I’ve seen so many examples of bad behavior:

– Kids smearing peanut butter on walls, dumping vinegar in beds, destroying furniture
– Kids pulling pets’ tales, chasing them with scooters, threatening the pets, and their own safety (when the animals retaliate)
– Kids getting overly clingy, going back and forth in terms of emotions between overexcited and happy, to abjectly despairing and melting down
– Kids reverting from potty training, showing immature behaviors that hadn’t been seen for weeks or months or years
– Kids unable to control their rage and angry feelings

And it’s not only kids reacting to the situation with heightened emotions. We are doing it too!

The questions I hear from the people I work most closely with: “I feel so lost. How do I live through this? What do I DO?”

This presentation comes directly from the solutions these parents have found. I am excited to bring them to you!

Today I share 7 things you can do to feel better – these are the ways I’m seeing parents use successfully to LIVE in this right now, as opposed to just living through this.
Click weturnedoutokay.com/329 to read the cheat sheet of these steps.

We will get through this together!

In previous episodes I’ve mentioned how appreciative I am of my town’s weekday Emergency Meetings which they post in YouTube. This past week I was invited on the show! (Click here to view!)
I talk about how to get kids to wear masks, what to do when you are absolutely at your wit’s end, and more. I’m posting it in here because I hope it will be helpful for you, even if you do not live in my town <3

Free Help for Parents in the Pandemic – in April 2020 I created the OkayCon Free Virtual Summit, 10 conversations with experts in fields of crucial importance to you right now (kids’ behavior, finances, finding a job, home security, and lots more). These conversations are all available for free, for ever, at this link. I hope the Virtual Summit is helpful for you!