329: “How do I say “no” to my child’s physical aggression without losing my calm?”

The pressures of home and family life during lockdown play a big part in today’s conversation.
Like you, my guest Anne and her family are sheltering in place.
Like you, Anne has her good days and bad days – as does her 5-year-old son.
But several weeks ago something happened in their family life that caused Anne’s son to erupt into angry outbursts: the accidental death of Dilly, the baby bird the family had taken in.

Today, you get to listen in on a coaching exercise to help Anne bring her son back from the brink.
(It’s the process that I use frequently in my online coaching practice, the Ninja Parenting Community, to help members figure out what is really going on, and how to start addressing it, to make everyday family life better.)
As you’ll hear, getting good behavior from her five-year-old means:
– Recognizing that her instincts are sound, and that she is doing a great job!
– Working with the other adults in the house as a team
– Remaining calm and positive, even in these very difficult circumstances

If you need some inspiration and ideas for getting through tough times, during lockdown and beyond, this is the conversation for you!

Join us! And huge thanks to you Anne!

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