333: How are you holding up? 3 ways to keep going

I chose this picture for today’s episode because, for some reason, the idea that butterflies have no idea that we’re in a pandemic is helping me feel better about the whole thing

“I feel like I’m completely alone trying to meet completely insatiable needs for days on end.”
That is what one of the moms in my online coaching practice, the Ninja Parenting Community, wrote early last week.

She’s not the only one. Not by a longshot!
In this week’s episode I share my best ideas for getting through a crisis.
Even a slow-motion, simultaneously-terrifying-and-tedious, pandemic-induced crisis like the one we’re in now in June 2020.

If your energy, patience, and/or well-being is flagging, first of all let me offer HUGE hugs!
Listen to this episode for some practical things you can do to get through the toughest of these tough times.

Join us!

Links that come up today:

Parenting Masterclass
For the all-summer-long live Masterclass series, “Parenting in Place,” which features lots of WTOO beloved guests and friends, like Audrey Monke, Jessica Lahey, and Devorah Heitner, click here! (I’m signed up for it, and I hope you’ll sign up too!)

Ninja Parent Playbook!
Want to be a part of the (extremely limited) first-ever issue of the Ninja Parent Playbook?
This is the brainwave I mentioned briefly in last week’s episode – a newsletter to help you keep going, anchored by a calendar that gives you some small step to take every day.
But it’s so much more than that. It’s part workbook, part inspirational thinking, part marching orders to keep you on track. It’s packed with informative and thoughtful ideas to help you not just “live through” this (or any) crisis – but really, truly LIVE.
If you want to bring your family safely through hard times, while feeling not just as if you’re scraping by but as if you are happy within yourself and in your family, you need this newsletter!
It’s a monthly publication that comes in your mailbox! (If you’re outside the US at this point it needs to be a PDF into your email, although I’m hoping that will change in the future : )
Click the link below to sign up:


WTOO Book Club
Click the following link for the WTOO Book Club (we are reading Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics, my first book and one that really gets to the heart of how to have a happy family life)

Grand Reopening sale ends Wednesday, June 3

Earlier I mentioned the Ninja Parenting Community, my online private coaching practice; Wednesday, June 3, 2020 is your LAST day to get a special quarterly rate – 3 months for the price of 2!
Click this link for details:

Click weturnedoutokay.com/066 for my conversation about consent, with Amy Anderson.

Click weturnedoutokay.com/332 for last week’s conversation with special needs preschool teacher, and close friend and colleague of mine, Tricia Tomaso (the episode comes up today because I shared last week about the brainwave that has become the Ninja Parent Playbook : )

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And again huge hugs! We will get through this together <3