339: How to keep going in this pandemic with Shannon Connery, PhD

I am excited to bring Shannon Connery, PhD, onto the show today, because she’s got lots of great ideas to help you keep going! (Click here for Shannon’s website, where you’ll find her podcast, her blog, and a wonderful free guide that she offers to help people overcome the challenges that we all have in our lives : )
Shannon is a therapist living in Colorado, and in our conversation today you’ll hear her story of losing nearly everything – and coming back stronger from that experience.
Shannon is also a podcaster, and her Fix Yourself is one of my favorites – she helps us all know what to do when we encounter difficult events and struggles in our lives. Shannon shares so much about herself, and her feelings, and what she’s tried that works to keep going and to help her family members and patients thrive.

Today we talk about:
– The role of empathy and positivity in helping you keep going
– Steps we are taking (and that you can also take) to dismantle racism
– What Shannon is doing to help those that she works with through the pandemic

Join us!

Video of our conversations – as well as lots of key links from this conversation – are available at weturnedoutokay.com/339

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Videos of Our Collaboration

Our conversation on Fix Yourself

Our conversation on We Turned Out Okay


Key Links

Read all about Shannon’s free guide, “Analyze your PACE,” an incredible tool that she teaches – and I’m using – to keep going

Click here for Shannon’s wonderful podcast, Fix Yourself

Click here for Shannon’s conversation with her friend Daniel Ward, a Black man, on Daniel’s experiences with racism and how we can dismantle racism

Click here for audio of my conversation with Shannon on her show, Fix Yourself

Click here for James Corden’s conversation with his producer, which helped my Dad (and lots of other people) understand his own privilege.

Click the following link for the page of resources I developed on how to overcome our inherent biases and dismantle racism: weturnedoutokay.com/bias

Click here for the wonderful National Association for the Education of Young Children website, which I bring up today because of its resources to help understand developmentally appropriate practice and antibias curriculum in the education of young children.

Click here for the Minority Korner podcast, which comes up in our conversation today

Click here for the video of a conversation between two friends, Talaat McNeely and Shane Sams, sharing their experiences and teaching on how to stop racism

Click here for Cal Newport’s book, Digital Minimalism