344: The Secret Fears of a Child Development Expert

Welcome to this second installation of Basics Bootcamp!
I tell some truths today that we need to hear and recognize, if we are going to raise a happy family and feel good inside ourselves.

Just like the title says, I do dive into my biggest and deepest fears about the pressures put on you, as you raise your kids.

I say things today that scare the bejabbers out of me!
But I know they need to be said.
As a child development expert, I’m the one who has to say them.

I also share something positive: my biggest hope.
It’s a buckwild episode for buckwild times… Let’s dive in!

PS lots of links today!
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We’ve moved to an every-other-week format, and each episode I am highlighting a great episode from the past!
Today, I offer my conversation with Jonathan Fields, founder of The Good Life Project from December 2016. It’s maybe even more relevant today than when we originally recorded.

Today I share two pieces of recent parenting news that had me with my jaw on the floor:
“Parents accused of neglect over virtual truancy; Charges, as families struggle with remote classes”
“No pajamas allowed for online learning, Illinois district says”

In the very first episode of the show, I invited my four best friends from life on, and we all talk about our unplanned adventures:

Here is the first in my Basics Bootcamp series, all about why boundaries are so important when raising kids:

I share about how my kids have gone from reading Dave Barry essay collections to watching calculus lectures on YouTube… for fun… and getting way more out of books like 1984 and Brave New World than I ever did.

I also talk about how the movie Super Size Me helped establish some trust in digital offerings in one of my sons, who’d been feeling as if you just can’t trust anything, from any source, that you had not experienced your actual self. (It turns out that, when I share in this episode that Morgan Spurlock gained “like 50 pounds,” I was wrong – it was 24 pounds. But still, he gained 24 pounds in 30 days of eating only McDonald’s food. That’s a lot of pounds!)

I share about how Pat Flynn of SPI.com, and Rich Litvin of RichLitvin.com, have helped me on my journey to creating, producing, and keeping going with this show and everything at weturnedoutokay.com.