347 Part 1: Five ways societies fail… or succeed

Greetings! If this feels like a pretty ambitiously named episode, well, that’s because this is where we are in fall 2020.
We are on the bleeding edge of crisis parenting, and there is a feeling in the air of “this is where our society fails or succeeds.”
(At least that’s how it feels to me! You are very welcome to disagree. Either way, I hope this episode gives you a roadmap to success on your parenting journey, and some hope.)

Whether a society succeeds or fails is in large part dependent upon the how that society raises its children.

In this episode I offer five ways to think about this idea:
1. A society will fail by operating from a place of fear…
A society will succeed by operating from a place of love.

2. A society will fail by rejecting change and diversity…
A society will succeed by accepting both of these key qualities and using them to move forward together.

3. A society will fail by looking past – ignoring – that which is right in front of it, but which is difficult to look at…
A society will succeed by understanding what is right in front of it, the matter how difficult or upsetting that information is.

4. A society will fail by stunting and mis-shaping children’s development…
A society will succeed by embracing children, wherever they are in their development, and by playing to their children’s strengths.

5. A society will fail by putting up barriers and excluding those who don’t share similar beliefs…
A society will succeed by choosing to connect on a human level, with compassion and empathy, regardless of beliefs.

Thank you for listening! I hope you find this one helpful!
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7. In this part of the episode I reference one of my all-time favorite books, Visual Intelligence by Amy Herman. She teaches first responders, FBI agents, and others how to overcome their own biases and truly see what is right in front of them. Herman’s book is such a model for me, and today I hope to help you understand why what she teaches is so crucial to a society’s success.