348: How to be the parent your kids need right now

I’m so excited to bring you returning champions Evie Granville and Sarah Davis of Modern Manners for Moms and Dads today!

You’ll learn why the kind of parent that we are matters, especially right now… and you’ll hear how these two wonderful educators take my very cynical Roundtable question and turn it around. You’ll also hear their awesome Roundtable questions for us all to discuss – one pertains to the election, and so I felt I had to publish this episode today, so you’ve got a couple weeks to listen!

Evie and Sarah brought me onto their show in early March 2020, just before the pandemic changed everything. If you listen to that episode, you’ll notice that I identify myself as one kind of parent (what Evie and Sarah would now call a Crescent-style parent)… When I bring them onto my show in episode 340, just a few months later – but after our world has completely changed – my parenting style has completely changed too. I’ve become a Constellation-style parent. For all the wrong reasons!

In the interview portion of today’s episode, I share about my current parenting style, a perfect split between Crescent and Constellation, and how I’ve made my peace with that.

We also talk about their new book! It’s called Modern Manners for Moms and Dads, and you can download the first chapter for free by clicking here: http://evieandsarah.com/book!

Did you notice, I referred to the “interview portion” of today’s episode?

That’s because as I have moved into publishing every other week, it’s opened up really interesting and cool opportunities for making the show just a little different.

We still talk about the same important things. It’s still all about helping you feel cared for, no matter what your circumstances are.

I’m just doing that in different ways that never presented themselves when I released an episode every week.

So for the first half hour or so, I share things like the Parenting News (a REALLY good one today) and some things I’m offering, like

– this week’s Free Live Training on handling worries in a playful way (it’s this coming Friday 10/23/20, sign up here: https://weturnedoutokay.com/weekly)

– the sweet, 3-months-for-the-rate-of-2 deal I’m offering on the We Turned Out Okay Playbook (https://weturnedoutokay.com/playbook)

– how much you’re enjoying the powerful, even magical private coaching calls so many of you have scheduled with me (schedule yours by going to https://weturnedoutokay.com/contact; they are completely free of charge and with no strings attached)

– the Self-care Bootcamp we are doing throughout the American election week, 11/2-11/6, in the Ninja Parenting Community (you can try the Community for your whole first month for just $3, just by clicking https://weturnedoutokay.com/courage!

Then Evie, Sarah, and I have our fantastic conversation…

And after THAT I read you an essay that I’ve written. It’s called Socks and Medicine and Fear and Love (you can read it by clicking here.)

I hope it helps you frame the small, daily choices that you have a little differently. If you, like me, are prone to coming from fear in these small daily choices, I hope it helps you come from a place of love for yourself. Because I truly believe that the only way you can come from a place of love for others.

Click the following link if you’d like more essays like this in your life: https://weturnedoutokay.com/weekly.

And click the following link to view this post in your browser: https://weturnedoutokay.com/348.

Cheers! And thanks for listening/reading!


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