350: “Letting go of what others think” with Debbie Reber of TiLT Parenting

I am super excited to bring you today’s episode, which includes so much good that my heart is practically bursting : )
It’s a digest episode, and the first part is my conversation with Debbie Reber, founder of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, http://tiltparenting.com, and author of one of my favorite books, Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World.

Somewhere in the first few minutes we decide to depart from a kind of standard interview, Q&A sort of conversation and dive into something much better and more fun!

Here are some of Debbie’s ideas that felt so transformative for me:
“I love that you mention taking care of your body…” Debbie goes on to share how important this idea is, and how often we truly do forget.
(My forgetting, as I share today, landed me in the hospital just a few weeks before our conversation.)

“Asking “What if I had no agenda at all?””… Debbie brings this up in reference to children and learning. If we don’t have an agenda, we are free to just be in the moment and enjoying the time with our children. And more – if we don’t have an agenda we are free to allow our kids on a voyage of self-discovery. This is crucial, even more so with the world turned upside down from the pandemic.

“I have permission to do whatever I want and feel whatever I feel.”… Debbie shares this as a way of diffusing judgment. Giving ourselves this permission is so freeing.

I hope this conversation is transformational for you, too!

In Part 2 I read an essay I wrote recently, called “A hard decision I have made.”
It shares about the decision I recently made to close my Ninja Parenting Community – and after I read it, I share about something I’m truly excited about, the group coaching program I’m offering for 2021 called “The Year of Empowerment.”

2021: The Year of Empowerment Program:

… Helps you combat the challenge of others walking all over you, so you feel in charge of your destiny and your family’s direction.

… Helps you overcome your fears about your child’s behavior and others” judgment of that behavior or your parenting. So you know that you are making the right decisions for you and your family.

… Helps you stop feeling guilty or unworthy so you can live your best life and model that for your kids.

Each month of 2021 you’ll be empowered to truly take the reins in your family life.

You will know how to get good behavior from your child.

You will know how to advocate for them, to help them love learning and get the best education possible – no matter how bad all of this feels right now.

You will know how to feel good about getting the self-care time you need and deserve.

How will this program work?

1. Each month of 2021 we will have a group coaching conversation, a powerful, in-depth, 90 minute call diving into the different aspects of empowerment including:

– The setting of proper boundaries to eliminate toxic people from your life

– Learning to say “no,” so you only participate in and do what feels truly good for you

– Advocating for your child

– Learning the tenets of positive discipline, so your child does not walk all over you anymore

– Teaching your child about the world

– Living a truly wonderful and empowering life

– Consequently modeling “how to live a truly wonderful and empowering life” for your family

2. A year’s subscription to the acclaimed We Turned Out Okay Playbook!
The We Turned Out Okay Playbook provides a place for you to envision and build out your life and your family’s future.

The 2021 Year of Empowerment program includes a whole year – 12 issues – of the Playbook, one each month, delivered directly to your mailbox!

Each month you’ll receive the Playbook, my top-shelf publication that shapes your thinking in a very positive and gratitude-centered way.
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Between our monthly calls and the daily, positive and creative thinking opportunities the Playbook offers, you have extremely powerful tools to shape your life how you want it.

Cost and How to Enroll:

The program costs $3000 for the year 2021.

There are just 20 spots available.

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I’m opening up enrollment in the 2021 Year of Empowerment on Monday 11/23/20…

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And thanks for listening/reading!

Karen Lock Kolp, M.Ed.
Creator and Founder of https://weturnedoutokay.com
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