355: Five ways to help you keep going right now

Greetings! Today I’ve got five ways that parents I work closely with are keeping going…

Because even though we can see some hope on the horizon, circumstances on the ground are, shall we say, not ideal.

So if you need a little help getting good behavior from your kids, feeling seen and heard and cared for in your life, or feeling happy inside, here are five ways you may not have considered yet to accomplish those tasks.…

Plus the Parenting News Segment returns today, with reports on how to not use social-emotional learning for evil, and also something called “toxic positivity.”
Join us!
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In the first few minutes of today’s show I share (a little bit) about my experience of being sexually abused when I was seven years old. This comes up in my first book, Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics, in the chapter called How to Help if Something’s Wrong; you can buy the book by clicking here

I share about being hospitalized with diverticulitis last fall in episode 349: Kindergarten Evals, Parent-Teacher-Conferences, and Lessons I learned from being hospitalized last week, weturnedoutokay.com/349

Beloved Ninja Parenting Community alum Jen came on the show in summer 2019 to talk about how she got control over the direction her family is going: weturnedoutokay.com/288

In episode 300 of We Turned Out Okay, two amazing and close friends of mine, licensed mental health counselor Janine Halloran and veteran preschool teacher Tricia Tomaso came on the show, and unbeknownst to each other (or me) they both brought the same topic: Social Emotional Learning… Weturnedoutokay.com/300

Speaking of Janine Halloran, she’s going to be an expert speaker in the Parenting in Place Masterclass Series this winter! Register for this awesome series by going to parentinginplacemasterclass.com

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