356: The consequences of pushing ourselves too far – Talking with educator Sarah Scheldt M.Ed. today!

Due to the content of our conversation, today’s episode is going to be a good one to listen AWAY from sensitive ears… I think you’re going to love today’s conversation, I know I did! But some topics may be a little intense for, well, littles.

Greetings! I am super excited to bring today’s guest to you, educator and parent coach Sarah Scheldt, M.Ed.!
In today’s conversation I’ll introduce you to Sarah, so you can come to know her and the incredibly helpful, giving person she is.

Today Sarah discusses:
– How to handle your kids’ toughest days and biggest feelings
– How to take care of yourself in the midst of everything going on in your life
– Handling when we do push ourselves too far

Early on in the pandemic Sarah wanted to reach parents outside of her classroom of kids. So she created an amazing free Virtual Summit on “empowering kids.” I felt so honored to be included in the expert speakers for that summit!
Sarah’s second free online series, Kids’ Healthy Bodies, starts on February 15!
(Yay! Click here to sign up!)

In our conversation today Sarah shares on how this upcoming free Virtual Summit will help you get a handle on talking to kids about potentially tough topics like their own bodies, sex, consent, and stopping child sexual abuse.

I’m honored to be a part of this series as well, talking about what to do if you have been the victim of sexual abuse… and you are now raising kids.
There will be experts on all kinds of topics around children and their healthy bodies, so be sure to sign up!

I know you’re going to love today’s conversation… If you’d like to see us visually, in addition to listening, you can find the video for this conversation by clicking https://weturnedoutokay.com/356

I hope you find our talk super helpful!

Links from today’s conversation:

Click here to sign up for Sarah Scheldt’s upcoming Free Virtual Summit on Kids’ Healthy Bodies – I’m one of the expert speakers, so I know how awesome this series is going to be.

Click here for the Yo-Yo Ma documentary, Distant Echoes, on the time that Ma spent with the Bush People of the Kalahari Desert, learning how they make music – and meaning.


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