358: Handling tantrums – especially when we parents say “no”

Greetings! Today I get to share a powerful conversation with Chloee, my one to one coaching client. Chloee has a toddler and the challenges she faces in caring for her daughter are likely concerns that you also have, regardless of the age of your children.

Here’s what you’ll learn by listening:
– How to address the challenges that Covid brings
– How to make a crucial choice, one that we all must make every day
– How to deal with temper tantrums, especially when we must say “no” to our kids

I encourage you to be coached while you listen.
By that I mean: when I ask Chloee a question, hit pause.
Consider the question for yourself and your situation.
Even, write down your responses.
(And if you want to experience the power of coaching with me, I am opening up some spaces for a few completely free, no-strings-attached, deep and magical coaching conversations! If you’d like one of them to be yours, write me, karen (at) weturnedoutokay (dot) com !)

I’m excited to listen back to this one with my Mom Hat on, because I’m sure I’ll learn so much from this talk with Chloee about how to handle the concerns she raises with my own kids (who are 16 and 20!)

This is a digest episode, which means that you should stay tuned after my conversation with Chloee! Listen for:
– How to handle information overload
– A new program I’m offering, “What’s the pandemic doing to my child?”
– An update – including the phone number! – for our new podcast segment, Triumphs and Misdemeanors (this segment starts in our next episode! Squee!)

What’s the Pandemic Doing to My Child? – A new program I’m offering you might be interested in…

Working with private clients over these last several months, I’ve heard again and again of worries about what the pandemic is doing to children.

As a child development expert, not only do I know the answer to that; I know what to do about it.
Beginning in May 2021 I will offer a five-week program covering:

– The toll that long-term confinement and sequestration from others can cause
– Strategies to handle this long-term confinement and limit the negative impacts
– Creating a home environment that supports the social and emotional development your child needs
– Dealing with reentry including handling anxiety, bullies, and other social concerns

All along we’ll be diving into your specific questions and issues.
To make absolutely sure that you have a plan going forward we’ll spend our last class time together in a Q&A, so you can have all your concerns addressed and questions answered.

We will even have an accelerator call – an extra session to spend together – before the program begins in May so I can be sure I’m addressing your concerns and giving you all the support I can.

If that sounds good to you, I’m offering a special earlybird price…

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Cheers! And thanks for listening!!


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