365: “What DOES matter to me?” Talking with Shari Medini of Adore Them Parenting today!

“Is this something that I care about, or is this something that someone else thinks I should care about?” – Shari Medini
That’s what I almost called today’s episode (but used another excellent quote from today’s guest for brevity’s sake : )
If you want a conversation about handling all the stuff that is flying at you…
If you want to feel better about the choices that you have that maybe you didn’t even realize…
You will love this talk with Shari Medini, one half of the duo at Adore Them Parenting! Shari and her cofounder Karissa Tunis have written a great book, Parenting While Working from Home, and offer their help and support to parents from their website.
They brought me into their virtual summit this winter – you can hear the audio from my presentation at the end of today’s episode in fact, presenting on a subject that is near and dear to my heart!

I know you’re going to love our conversation!
Video of my conversation with Shari and my presentation for the Adore Them Summit: https://weturnedoutokay.com/365

Cheers! And thank you for listening!

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