How to do less for your child and feel good about it: 21 Days to Independence for Your Kids… and for You

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Parents often tell me what a struggle it is for them to stop doing too much for their children, and the guilt and frustration they feel in trying to do less.

Reclaim your independence – and give this gift to your child – by joining me in a 3-week program where you will learn, step-by-step, exactly how to:

– Teach them to amuse themselves so you are no longer their personal entertainer
– Help them settle arguments themselves
– Reclaim free time for yourself
– Let go of parental guilt
– Structure your life so you’re happy, too

Chances are you have been wishing desperately to make some of those things come true, but have been unsuccessful in your efforts to get this kind of independence.

Together, you and I will create a plan, structured yet flexible, so you can finally achieve this goal.

Here is how we will do this:

  • You share your toughest struggles around independence at the very beginning of the program, in a special, just-between-us questionnaire.
  • I build a 3-week curriculum, including videos from me each week, teaching you the exact steps to take to achieve your independence goals.
  • You get direct feedback from me each week, in a video that I record only for you, based on the homework you provide. In these videos I also answer any questions that you have.
  • I teach small actions you’ll use to get started, so you experience “quick wins” at the beginning of this program.
  • You receive a Monthly Independence Plan Worksheet, along with clear instructions on using this Worksheet as we create your repeatable Independence plan.

The program is structured so that you keep your independence long after our work is done.

Because I am working closely with each participant, space is extremely limited.

I’m Karen Lock Kolp. I’ve worked with young children and their parents for a combined 14 years. I teach tools to handle the toughest moments with children, get out of a negative space, and feel happy spending time with kids.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Human Development & Family Relations, and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, as well as working directly with young children for 9 years, before raising my own.

I know tons about handling kids’ behavior problems and how to change a child’s behavior from bad to good.

I also understand the guilt that can accompany parenthood, and I teach strategies and skills to overcome that struggle. For the last 5 years I have worked directly with parents, teaching mindset, tactics, and direct actions so parents can claim the family life they dream of.


We Work Together on Your Independence

I think of our work together as collaborating. It’s not a course. Our work is truly collaborative. Each week we do this work together, with me as your guide, bringing you through the program, and you taking the actions that will lead to a happier, more independent child (and as a result a happier and more independent you.)

You can have children of any age to participate; this program is effective for parents of newborns, right on up to parents of teens.


The Independence Program

Week #1: Guilt-Free Independence
One thing that holds many parents back is a sense of feeling judged or shameful that they are not “doing enough” to help their kids succeed. We examine that this week, and learn why the exact opposite is true – and how to make this true independence happen.

Week #2: Independence In the Home
Do you jump at every beck and call of your child’s? Are you forever getting them drinks or snacks, overseeing every moment of their time, cleaning up spills and messes that are not your own? We move from feeling exhausted at all of this oversight, to feeling empowered and proud of your kids as they begin to do for themselves.

Week #3: Independence Out In the World
Building on the previous weeks’ successes, we help your child feel successful, in daycare, at school, or with friends, without our intervention.


How the Independence Program Works

Weekly Lesson: You receive video lessons from me, right into your inbox, teaching you how to gain independence.

Independence Plan Worksheet: I share clear instructions and guidance, so you can use this worksheet to build on your wins in the future, long after the Independence Program is done.

Small Steps: We focus on “quick wins” so you can feel successful right away.

Each week you share your questions with me, in a template I provide.

I provide feedback and guidance, and answering your specific questions, in a 5-15 minute video that I create just for you each week.

Between the initial questionnaire, watching the videos I create for you, and doing the work, you can expect to spend between 1-2 hours per week for each of these three weeks.

At the end of that time you will have a method to help your child be independent, while claiming your own independence at the same time.


Signing Up

Space is limited. Because I work so closely with each participant, there are limited spots available. If the Independence Program feels right for you, enroll now.

The Independence Program runs from Monday, July 15 – Monday, August 5. No need to worry about “live” meetings, or being anywhere at any specific time.
The program takes place right in your inbox, with all course materials and collaboration happening there, at whatever time of day is convenient, over the course of the program, for you.

Independence Program Fee: $97


Frequently Ask Questions

How old should my kids be for me to participate in the Independence Program?
It is never too early, or too late, to become more independent. I accept parents of babies and kids into the teen years. This program will work for you no matter what age your kids are.

Do I need any special technology in order to participate?
The Independence Program takes place right in your inbox, where I’ll be sharing links to videos, and PDF worksheets. All collaboration will take place right in email. As long as you have access to your email, a web browser, and you can view PDF documents, you are all set!

What will each of these three weeks in the Independence Program look like?
Here is how each week will run:
– On Monday you’ll receive a video from me that walks you through that week’s curriculum, with suggestions for steps you can take.
– By Wednesday, after you have started working on the suggestions for that week, you’ll submit questions and feedback to me, sharing how it’s going, what you need help with, and  successes.
– At the end of the week I will share answers to your questions and recommendations for you to work on, all in a personalized 5-15 minute video that I create just for you.
– On the last Monday of the program, August 5, I share a final personalized video for you, with suggestions and recommendations for implementing the Independence Program into your life going forward.

How much time should I commit each week to the Independence Program?
You should count on 1-2 hours per week. This time includes watching the week’s videos, collaborating with me in your inbox, and working on the small steps and suggestions that I recommend during that week’s curriculum.

Help your child be independent, and claim your own independence, by using these next three weeks wisely.
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