21 Days to Streamlined Parenting!

Stop the Evening Madness, Work Effectively with Teachers/Caregivers, Feel Better within Yourself!

Want to enjoy family life while limiting the messiness and stress that come with parenting? Join the Streamline Your Whole Life 21- Day Challenge to make it happen.

In This Challenge, You Will Learn To:

  • Create an evening and bedtime routine that really works 
  • Handle homework and afterschool activities with ease
  • Deal with time crunches and scheduling snafus like a rock star
  • Work better with everyone who looks after your child
  • Find time to dedicate to your own passions and hobbies
  • Fortify yourself "against the negativity," as one Mom put it

"I've been more patient this month because I have Karen's affirming voice in my head... I am so sad this challenge is almost over! " – Lindsay, Streamline Your Whole Life Challenge Participant
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