A case study about handling epic tantrums

I was so thrilled when I received the following testimonial:

“The Ninja Parenting Community is one of the best uses of my energy and time.”

A longtime NPC member, who I will call “Shannon,” shared this testimonial with me. I was touched and honored!
But I had to give that complement right back to her.
After all, she is the one committing the energy and the time.

Probably just like you, Shannon – Mom to a four-year-old – has too much on her plate, a spirited child who can sometimes overwhelm her, and a lot on her mind these days.

Here is a recent post of hers:
“We keep running into him making an unsafe choice and then refusing to leave that room/leave that thing alone which means I have haul him hitting and kicking and hitting and screaming away from it and generally lock a door to keep him from getting back into that room/accessing that item or he keeps charging right back into the unsafe situation or charging at and attacking me if I blocking him from the item/situation. It’s so hard!”

Through it all I felt so proud of Shannon. She kept an open mind and remembered that her child is doing the best he can. (Something we talk a lot about in the Community.)
Here’s what we’ve been working on with Shannon and her family in the NPC Forums:
– Remembering compassion and empathy for our raging kiddo, and holding boundaries at the same time
– The establishment of an “angry area,” a place where it is safe to get out their anger and frustrations
– Celebrating small stuff, and remembering that this behavior doesn’t happen in a vacuum

– Thinking on what we can control, even if not the circumstances or our children’s behavior

Did it work?

After a period of ups and downs, where Shannon worked hard to assert boundaries and (as they do) her four-year-old pushed and pushed on those boundaries, Shannon posted the following in our Forums:
“He pushed a boundary this morning and lost a toy and started yelling and trying to grab the toy back so I said we needed to go to his room and use his punching bag or crash bag and he he ran into the other room.

“I came in to talk to him and he stopped and said “are we really doing all of this again?”
“And I said “yes, yes we are and I really don’t want to do this so let’s walk to your room together and do your crash pad or punching bag”
“And he did it! No hitting or kicking!! Within 5min we were back on the couch snuggling and reading <3 <3”
So, yup, it worked 🙂

This work was not accomplished in a day, or even a week.
It took a lot of Shannon’s energy and time to figure out what worked for her family.
But here’s the thing, she took that time.
She utilized that energy.
She’s helping her son thrive, and she’s also helping herself thrive.

She takes what she learns in the Ninja Parenting Community and implements it.

And it works.

If you’re struggling with angry kids, epic tantrums, or you are otherwise worried about your young child, join the Ninja Parenting Community!

You may just find it’s one of the best uses of your energy and time, just like Shannon.

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