A free gift to help you settle conflicts with your kids

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Normally this Digest goes out only to current members of my online coaching practice, NPC.

I decided to share this email with everyone because it contains something super useful right now, as we continue to tread into the unknown.

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Settling Conflicts (NPC Training of the Week)

I’m using the weekly roundup of “what’s going on in our private online coaching practice” to share a training each week!

Today I’m sharing a tool, a PDF checklist – one tiny part of the resources in NPC – to help you in resolving conflicts with your kids.

Parents I work closely with have been very open about their concerns, as the virus surges in some parts of the country and nobody really knows how day cares or school will look, even though the new school year is just a few months away.

And yet, kids still experience big feelings.

They still have temper tantrums. They are still mean to each other, or disrespectful to us.

We need to be prepared for what’s coming, whether in our homes or in our communities, and this PDF checklist could be just the ticket next time one of your kids acts up!

Click here to view and download the “checklist to help you resolve conflicts,” direct from NPC!
(This is the tool I reference above. I want to share it with everyone reading this, and if you’re an NPC member currently, click here to view this tool’s post in our Tools & Resources Forum.)And now, I hope you enjoy the rest of this Digest!
Questions Answered: Hitting during Temper Tantrums & Supporting Your Young Artist

In this week’s wonderful, very family-feeling members-only call, we talk a lot about:

– Concerns about the coming months, getting ready for the beginning of the school year in the pandemic and how members are getting vital rest and relaxation during the summer

– How the upcoming NPC Summer Camp program (which begins this coming Friday!) will be useful, as well as fun, during this time

Then we get to discuss the following GREAT questions:

“How do I handle impulsive hitting or other aggressive behavior during a temper tantrum?”

“Is there anything I can do to make it so my 7-year-old daughter commits to participating in an art exhibit? Originally she wanted to but not now. I’m not sure even why it’s a problem now, and I just don’t know what to do.”

NPC members, click the following link to watch the call:

NPC Summer camp! New, just for members!

Like so many of you, I’ve been feeling a little low these past few weeks and months.
Even worse, I’d been feeling like all of the fun was taken out of summer.
As if since all the usual summer fun was likely going to be off the table, that meant there wouldn’t be anything to look forward to.

Those thoughts, combined with NPC member Nora’s comments in a recent live call (she very smartly used the search bar on the homepage of weturnedoutokay.com to find all sorts of activities for summer : ) prompted me to think:
If all the usual things can’t happen, what is still possible?
What could we do?

There’s only one answer really: Summer camp!
Over the next couple months I am planning some members-only activities, things that are very camp-like.

Many camp activities teach crucial ways to:
– Get through the tough stuff
– Enjoy family time
– Feel supported in your life as a parent

If you need a little summer fun in your life, and who doesn’t, NPC is the place to be!
If you are currently a Ninja Parenting Community member, click the following link to find out more, and to contribute your thoughts on fun activities we could do together:

If you want to become a member, there’s never been a better time!
We start with 6 weeks of Summer Camp on Friday, June 26.

Sign up now so you are registered and enrolled for our Summer Camp Opening Ceremony on Friday, June 26!

Click here to join NPC in time for Summer Camp : )

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