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Early childhood expert Karen Lock Kolp, M.Ed. created this community to help you improve your child's behavior, so that everybody feels better. Get help with your biggest concerns and fears. Receive tons of support when you need it most. Enjoy time with your kids!

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Parent Testimonials:

The Ninja Parenting Community is a great place to have questions about your child/children answered, share common parenting challenges and potential solutions, and to share tips on a wide range of issues. 

Take advantage of Karen's knowledge and experience, and meet other parents by joining!

Sabrina Rizk |

Mom, Author, Globetrotter

My coaching calls alone give me tons of value, and the forums are a rewarding place to put my struggle into words… I treasure the heaps of attention that Karen gives to community members. I really am putting her considerable education to work for me!

NPC Member Jen |

Mom of 2 Young Girls

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