An update on my health (I was in the hospital last week)

First of all I need to say thank you to so many of you, who have sent me virtual hugs and well wishes since I was in the hospital last week.

I’ve seen them, and I intend to write back to each and every one of you… But for now I hope you’ll settle for a “group” update.

I am slowly healing – really, that’s the update here.

And as I do I am putting on my observer hat, trying to understand what makes me feel better, and what makes me feel worse.

What makes me feel worse:
– Pushing myself too far
– Not taking pain medication
– Worrying
– Feeling guilty for all the things I am not doing for my family
– Feeling like a burden

What makes me feel better:
– Asking for help
– Staying in the present moment
– Staying off social media
– Playing games with actual other humans, such as Scrabble with my husband Ben (even though he beats me all the time : )
– Quietly thinking
– Reading
– Knitting
– Listening to inspiring conversations, like this one of Shannon Connery’s on her show Fix Yourself, interviewing creative coach Dan Blank
(Shannon has recently placed a new intro at the beginning of her show, and it’s amazing.)
– Hearing about what fellow educators and podcasters are doing, like Audrey Monke of Sunshine Parenting who will once more be presenting in Round 2 of the awesome Parenting in Place Virtual Summit!

I sometimes get pulled down the rabbit hole of “you should’ve seen this coming, all the signs were there.”
So far each time I’ve been able to forgive myself for judging myself.
I always feel better after that.

It leaves me wanting to ask the question, how are you?
I hope well!
And I hope if you’re not all that well, that my list of “what makes me feel better” is helpful for you to get back on track.

Cheers –

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The three top lessons that I learned over this experience of being hospitalized for diverticulitis, as well as thoughts on parent-teacher conferences, and kindergarten evaluations in this new world we are all living in:

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