And You Were So Scared

Happy Wednesday!

Training update:
I am two thirds of the way through revising Educating Happy Kids, the book I plan to have out to you by mid August! I hope to hit my first milestone, getting the book to my editor on June 1, and I am on target to do it!

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Parenting Community Open House:

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For me, spring is always a time of anxiety.

– It seems like, as the days lengthen, drivers are more inclined to be impatient, and unsafe.

– Skiing is done for the winter, it feels so long before I can get back out and take part in my favorite sport.

– I look out at the yard, and there’s so much to do.

– Summer is coming, how will we keep the kids amused while they are not school?

Each spring, when I am at my most anxious, I remember a wonderful book.

It’s called The Monster at the End of This Book, Starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover​​​​​​, and you can find it in Amazon here. (And also probably in your local library, which is where we always use to get it.)​

As the book opens, Sesame Street monster Grover is very worried. He’s heard that there is a monster at the end of this book, and he does not want us to keep turning pages.

As we do, Grover gets more and more concerned. Don’t we know that there is a monster at the end of this book?

Why do we keep turning pages?!?

Grover gets more and more agitated the book goes along.

In the last few pages he is upset as can be. He outright begs us not to turn another page. He pleads with us, builds walls and barricades, anything to get us to stop turning pages.

And of course we keep turning pages.

And at the end, Grover discovers that this erstwhile scary monster… is him! So, nothing to be frightened about after all.

I have wonderful memories of reading this book as a kid myself, and also reading it with my sons when they were young.

To a child, it is reassuring to know, as Grover eventually learns, that there is nothing to fear about getting to the end of this book. I always loved watching my kids’ smiles, trying to reassure Grover even as they kept turning pages.

The best line comes at the end:
Grover shakes his head, smiling at us, and says “And you were so scared!”

Getting back to spring, I think it comes down to this: spring is a time of change.

We are told to embrace change, and look on it as a good thing. But often it’s not so great when you are experiencing it; it can feel downright frightening.

I hope, if you (like me) struggle with change – at any season – today’s letter can help you remember that change is good.

Our fears are largely unfounded. And if we worry, even if what we’re worrying about does eventually come to pass, what have we done but worry about it twice?

Let’s not do that.

Let’s embrace the change.

Happy spring!


Parenting Community Open House:

The Ninja Parenting Community (or NPC) is where I help parents figure out their toughest conundrums. We’ve been working through:

  • Sleep issues, as a three-year-old transitions to a new home
  • Stopping the disrespect that a four-year-old can dish out
  • How to handle sibling fights, like when the older sister tosses the younger sister’s blankets out into the hall and locks her little sister out of their shared bedroom

If you’re struggling with any aspect of child-rearing, and the podcast isn’t quite enough… Work with me personally in our private community!

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 30, I am throwing open the doors to NPC and giving you a tour!
Come find out what members love about it, and how it helps families get past the tough stuff and truly enjoy each other’s company…

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I’m also taking questions, so bring yours and I will see you there!

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Wishing you a wonderful parenting week!

What’s up on the podcast this week:

We dive back into our long-term series on the education of young children, talking about the early stages of human development, and how knowing these stages can help you raise your kiddos.

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What’s up on my YouTube channel this week:
Extending on this theme, the live YouTube (I do one every Thursday) is called
“Why should I care about child development?” and it is available at the link just above! Or,
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What’s up in the We Turned Out Okay Facebook group this week:
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Picture of the week:

I love stories, and storytelling. For several years I’ve been a featured live storyteller, getting up on stage to tell stories to an audience without the use of notes or props.
My friend Camera Jen took this picture at a storytelling I did earlier this month, at the Concord Center for the Visual Arts in Concord, Massachusetts.
Storytelling truly feeds my soul, I think because stories foster connections. And that feels sooo good.

I hope that you get to spend at least a little bit of time this week doing something that feeds your soul.


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