Back when I was the picky eater

Happy Wednesday!

I am still in training! This is week two of the drafting of Your Child Explained Volume 2, and I’m sharing about my progress and next steps. I want to have this book in your hands in mid August, so I’m reporting my progress as I diligently work towards that goal.

And then today, I talk about my own experience as a picky eater, and I offer a free guide, about 5 ways to handle a picky eater… I hope it’s helpful as you raise your kiddos, especially if you’ve got picky eaters of your own!

First: The draft is chugging along, because of you!

I am drafting Your Child Explained Volume 2, and I want to finish the first draft – meaning I want to have a readable-from-start-to-finish version of this book that I can get to my editor – by June 1.

Over the last week, since I shared this goal, I have felt so grateful for your support. And I hit a preliminary goal-within-this-goal: yesterday I finished the rough draft, every chapter is now committed to paper!

And now, the exhilarating, and (if I’m being honest) frightening work, begins, as I start revising, moving bits of the book around, writing the introduction and conclusion.

This is what I want to have done by June 1. And every time I have tried to talk myself out of getting my butt in the chair to do some writing, it’s the thought of you that has sustained me. So thank you so much!!

If you are on instagram, today I started a series of instagram stories. My plan is to get in there every single day through June 1 and keep you updated on my progress. Click the link below to check it out:

Whether in instagram, in our Facebook group, or even just a quick note by clicking here, if you get a moment I would really appreciate just a quick smiley face, or a heart, or even just a typed little note communicating “you can do this!”

And thank you so much!


Second: When I was the picky eater

I never thought of myself as a picky eater. But looking back, I really was. My mom used to be able to divide up a restaurant meal between my brother and I: I’d take the meat, provided it had no sauce of any kind. And he would enjoy everything else.

I used to not like butter. Isn’t that nuts?

I remember hearing that I’d better clean my plate or I wouldn’t get dessert. Once I was sent to my room with a dish of salmon, and told I couldn’t come out until it was done. (I hid the reviled salmon behind my dresser, where it stayed for weeks.)

Mostly though, my picky eating was not turned into a big deal. But I do remember the scourge of the “no thank you” helping:

“Karen, would you like some zucchini?”
“No thank you.”
“Okay, here you go!” (As a serving of the dreaded zucchini was spooned onto my plate.)

But mostly my parents didn’t worry about it.
They didn’t create a sense of anxiety at the table.
We sat down, we enjoyed dinner together, we (mostly) ate what we ate, and that was that. There wasn’t a continual sense of pressure, as this week’s guest, picky eating coach Jacky Lamenzo lived with in her own childhood.

I also remember fun times while eating, like the pride I felt when, having finally mastered twirling spaghetti properly, my dad told me “you’ve got that down to a science!” (I remember that as the absolute highest praise you could get from my father. It always gave me such joy to hear it.)

And just the sense of family, lots of earnest talk, and laughter.

That’s what carried into my teenage years, and then adulthood: the table is a fun place. It’s where I want to be.

If you are stuck in picky-eater-land, I want to help you change that dynamic.

The biggest tip I can give you right now:
Foster that sense of fun and enjoyment around eating together.
Even if you’ve got a child who doesn’t want to eat anything, make the table a non-anxious, good place to be.

That’s what this week’s We Turned Out Okay content is all about!

Keep reading below for What’s up on the podcast/on YouTube/in the Facebook group… And for the picture of the week!

Wishing you a wonderful parenting week!

What’s up on the podcast this week:
I speak with picky eating coach Jacky Lamenzo, who shares tons of great ideas for helping the picky eater in your life…
Click to listen!

In this episode I share about a new free guide I’m offering!
It’s called “5 Ways to Handle Your Picky Eater.”
Grab it, so you can watch the video, read the checklist, and have a whole bunch of new tools to use at your very next meal!
Click the link below to get the guide:

What’s up on my YouTube channel this week:
Extending on this theme, the live YouTube (I do one every Thursday) is called
“Three ways to help your picky eater,” and it is available at the episode link just above! Or,
Check out my YouTube channel by clicking here.

What’s up in the We Turned Out Okay Facebook group this week:
Each Monday at 10:30 a.m. EST, I do a superquick Facebook live that I call “Magic Words for Parents”… This week I share one way to help your picky eater. Click here to join the Facebook group : )

Picture of the week:

This is a tweet I came by last week, reprinted in our local newspaper. I found it so compelling that it made the Parenting News segment of this week’s episode (in the preshow portion of episode 279).

My question for you is, what is an acronym that will encompass the humanities, civility in society, kindness towards one another… The stuff that emphasizes empathy and compassion, helping us trust one another (no matter where we land on the political spectrum) as we raise our kids and live our lives?

I’m talking about something that goes beyond STEM and STEAM. I really like “STEAMY,” but I don’t know what the Y would stand for LOL… I would love your thoughts on an acronym that incorporates these ideas!


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