What are your back-to-school challenges? (Bonus podcast episode)

What’s toughest for you about this time of year?

Maybe it’s your worries about how your child will handle the upcoming school year

Or maybe it’s just that you can’t stand the thought of the crazy schedule changes that are coming your way…

Or maybe you’re worrying about how to work with teachers or administrators?

I’m creating a Back to School Bootcamp to directly address your toughest struggles!

We’ll have new Bootcamp podcast episodes all throughout August to get you the help you need, here at the beginning of the school year, PLUS a free guide teaching 6 ways to help your kids love reading…

It all starts with you sharing what drives you most nuts at this time of year.

Click here to fill out my super-quick, 3-question back-to-school survey, so I can help you best in these upcoming weeks!


PS Want to help your child love reading? Click here for the guide : )